What can cause error JVMJZBL2008E Could not find or load class: org.apache.catalina.startup.Bootstrap upon Tomcat startup?


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We list possible causes and solutions to error JVMJZBL2008E observed during failed MSMTC startup.


The following are known causes and solutions for error JVMJZBL2008E when the Tomcat STC is started up:

  1. The path defined for the 'CATALINA_BASE' or 'C_HOME' variable in member HLQ.SAMPLIB(MSMLIB) is incorrect. Note: HLQ.SAMPLIB(MSMLIB) is pointed to via the DDNAME STDENV within the MSMTC PROC DD.

    Confirm the correct path.

  2. The required runtime file systems were not mounted.

    Confirm the file systems are mounted and have been added to your SYS1.PARMLIB(BPXPRM00) member for use after future IPLs.

  3. The &HOME directory defined for the ACID/LID/Logon ID that the MSMTC runs under does not exist or is inaccessible.

    List the logon ID via your security product and confirm the $HOME directory exists, and is mounted read / write.

  4. The JAVA Loader module is not 'Program controlled' in RACF environments.

    Add the library or load module to 'PROGRAM CONTROL' for example:


    Note: To set all members of a data set as a controlled program, replace the member name with an asterisk (*). For example:


    Please check the CA Chorus Software Manager Administrator Guide section 'Security Setup' and the Security Server RACF Security Administrator's Guide for more information on protecting programs.


Release: MSMNGR00200-5.1-Chorus Software Manager