PAM-UI-2728 Error When Uploading ZIP to PAM Management Console


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After getting PAM-UI-2730 and reviewing KB 196667, the upgrade bin was archived to a zip file. However, the Management Console gives the following error when trying to upload the zip file.

PAM-UI-2728: Could not extract files from uploaded ZIP:


When the Management Console uploads the ZIP file, it will put the ZIP in the /tmp directory. It will then unzip the file to a new directory in /tmp, then search that new directory for the bin file. If there is no bin file, the Management Console will give the PAM-UI-2728 error.

For example, the following ZIP file will fail because it is a folder.


PAM Management Console


When uploading a ZIP file to the Management Console, either make sure the ZIP only contains the bin file or use the ZIP file downloaded directly from the Support portal.

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