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DLP cloud detector in "Disconnected" status


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The Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Enforce Server shows that one or more DLP cloud detectors are disconnected.


Various issues related to the use of an Enrollment Bundle, or to the status of the Cloud Service at any time.


  • DLP Cloud Service for Email
  • DLP Cloud Detection Service (for ICAP, or for REST)
  • DLP Cloud Detector (aka Cloud Connector)


This workflow offers suggestions to help you move through the problem.

Table of Contents

New install

Without any pre-existing DLP Cloud Detectors installed/enrolled prior, check for the following error codes:

Not a new install

A DLP Cloud Detector was previously connected, but now is not. Please see which of the following issues may apply.

  1. Firstly, as of February 2021, the DLP Cloud Services have migrated fully to the Google Cloud Platform. For more information about the GCP Migration, see this Product Advisory.
  2. Secondly, by design, the Cloud Service will “disconnect” every 24 hours. See Cloud Detection Servers show as disconnected periodically (
  3. Thirdly, also by design, Cloud Certificates expire 3 years after enrollment.
  4. More than one Detector is involved – usually this appears in relation to some kind of “account issue”:
    • Error 1: "Cloud Service unreachable due to an account issue":
    • Error 2: “Cloud Service is not available because of an account issue”. Usually because of TRIAL Detector, or some kind of error in provisioning, where there are two separate Accounts in one Enforce database: Please contact Support for assistance on this issue.
  5. If recycling the DetectionServerController resolves the issue but it recurs infrequently, it could be the Enforce Server connection to the Oracle Database is at fault. Please confirm the following recommendation if the Oracle database connection is severred without first stopping the Enforce Server services: Recovering from Symantec Data Loss Prevention database connectivity issues (
  6. [Rare]: "The bundle refers to a Gateway different than the one that has already been configured." Happens if you have a Detector provisioned in the EU region and have subsequently added a second Detector that was setup in the US region (or vice versa): Please contact Support for assistance on this issue.
  7. If you have upgraded the Enforce "ServerJRE" to or higher – and all Cloud Detectors have gone into a disconnected state: Please contact Support for assistance on this issue.