Is there any way to do a mass update of users?


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The company has a change coming that will change our IDs by dropping the first character. Is there a way to do a mass update to the users? If not, we are looking at a lot of manual work and risk users not being able to access Harvest.


Release : 13.0

Component : CA Harvest Software Change Manager


The husrmgr command line utility will get this done for you.  I tried it out to be sure:

Started with this list of users:

Then, created a tab-delimited text file with old name and new name for each of the users I wanted to change:

And finally I ran the husrmgr command to process the list:

The easiest way to build the text file is to dump your list of usernames into an excel spreadsheet, add a second column with the new user name, then save that to a tab-delimited text file or just copy the range and paste it into Notepad.

More details on the husrmgr command line utility can be found in the documentation here: