Common Services fix ++HOLD for SO09399 PTF required for ACF2/DB2 and TSS/DB2


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ENF for DB2 PTF SO09412 has a required PTF SO09399 for both ACF2/DB2 and TSS/DB2.  Is SO09399 required for both ACF2 and TSS?   What FMID's are associated with SO09399?  


Release : 16.0

Component : CA ACF2 for z/OS


PTF SO09399 using FMID(CBAV130) is part of the common code that both ACF2 for DB2, and Top Secret for DB2 use.  That fix would be required for both products.

Additional Information

PTF SO09399 also has a ++HOLD for the Common Services fixes:



                      * STEPS    TO    PERFORM *               


For full support for UPDATE against TABLE/VIEW support,        

SO09386 also needed to be applied for Common Services 14.1 or  

SO09412 also needed to be applied for Common Services 15.0