SSL peer shut down incorrectly


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


from time to time we receive this error message in the Publish Job Report:

ERROR: Publish failed for job 1215627, An error occurred resolving TABLE: <<TBL_NM>> COLUMN: <<CLM_NM>>. The expression was <@seqlov(0,@sqllist(P~DataSourceYouBet~,"SELECT * FROM [dbo].<<TBL_NM>>  L21  WITH (NOLOCK) WHERE AccountID in ( ~Account_Id~) ORDER BY JOURNALID")@,<<CLM_NM>>)@>. The error is <resolve_meta_data_item: TDMServiceException: sqllist: SQLServerException: A processing error "SSL peer shut down incorrectly" occurred.>

This is just one example, it happens with different tables, different columns, at different times.  I am attaching the logs to help determine why this is happening and what we can do to prevent it in the future.


Release : 4.6

Component : CA Test Data Manager


This issue is probably caused by the misconfigured communication between SQL Server database and SQL Server driver used in Portal (for example server is configured to use TLSv2 only while driver is trying to communicate with TLSv1). It could be also caused by invalid (expired) SSL certificates. In such a case I would expect that it fails all the time but maybe it fails only when DataSource variable points to one particular connection profile?

In general I wouldn't expect the log files to reveal more details because as I mentioned the issue is most probably outside of Portal code.