Listing DDDEFs for an SMP/E CSI


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There may be a need to rename one or more of the SMP/E-controlled files for a product. While it is easy to rename the files themselves in the catalog, other tools that maintain an internal repository of file names are not automatically updated.

In SMP/E, these files are defined using the DDDEF parameter. This article shows a simple JCL stream that can be used to list the contents of the DDDEFs in the CSI.


In a CSI, as there can be multiple zones, you can list the DDDEFs associated to the global zone or each defined zone as well as for all zones in a single report.

Here is the base JCL you can use for all of this:

//SMPLOG   DD DUMMY                             
//SMPHOLD  DD DUMMY                             
//SMPOUT   DD SYSOUT=*                          
//SMPRPT   DD SYSOUT=*                          
//SMPLIST  DD SYSOUT=*                          
//SMPSNAP  DD SYSOUT=*                          
//SYSPRINT DD SYSOUT=*                          
<<your control statements go here>>

To list a single zone (for CA Datacom, you can set the boundary to Global, CAID0, or CAIT0), use these control statements:

      SET BDY(zone name).  
      LIST DDDEF.      

To list all the DDDEFs for all zones in the CSI, use these control statements (note that you still need to enter a valid zone first even though all zones are listed):

      SET BDY(zone name).  

Additional Information

For more information on the SMP/E LIST command, please review the IBM Knowledge Center documentation for z/OS SMP/E.

As always, please contact Broadcom support for CA Datacom if you have further questions.