Recommended OS patch cycle for Performance Management environment


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The Linux platform team wants setup the Performance Management servers to all be patched monthly.

What are the Best Practices, concern points and how to stage the patching in a fashion that’ll minimize data loss?


All supported Performance Management releases


  1. Ensure we've got valid backups for all DBs.
    1. PC netqosporal and em MySql DBs
    2. Data Repository Vertica DB
  2. Follow proper stop/start procedures. Recommended path would be:
    1. Stop DA.Start patching.
    2. Stop DR DB. Start patching.
    3. Once DA and DR systems are patched ensure DB is restarted and then start DA.
    4. Stop, patch and restart one DC at a time or do them in batches. The data gap resulting from the patch cycle will be dependent on the length of time the DC is down.
    5. Stop PC services, patch, restart services.
  3. Validate functionality.

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