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Is there CAC support in CAPC


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Is there CAC (common access card)  support in CAPC or it is coming in a future release


Dx NetOps Performance Management any version


Currently there is no support for CAC in CAPC and there are no current plans to support it in a future release.


Additional Information

Another name for CAC cards would be PIV cards.  PIV stands for 'Personal Identity Verification'

2.2   What is the difference between a PIV-I Card and a PIV Card?
The term “PIV Card” may only be used to describe an identity card that is fully conformant with Federal PIV standards (i.e., FIPS 201 and related documentation). Only a Federal entity is capable of fully meeting these standards and issuing a PIV Card. A PIV-I Card meets the PIV technical specifications of NIST SP 800-73 and is issued in a manner that may be trusted by Federal Government Relying Parties, but does not meet all of the requirements of FIPS 201.
What does this mean? A Federal entity (aka employee) uses a PIV card, and a trusted, non-government entity has to use a PIV-I card.
So there you go. In summary:

CAC is for Department of Defense users
PIV is for civilian users working for the Federal government
PIV-I is for non-Federal entities that need to access government systems