How to change the Label of Port CIs
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How to change the Label of Port CIs


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CA Spectrum


How can I change the Label of the Port CIs that are published from Spectrum into SOI ?


Spectrum integrated with CA Service Operations Insight


Port Model CIs are published by the Spectrum IM Connector in SOI with Labels like the following example:


This can be modified to appear in SOI with DeviceName and Description or any other available property with Format2 Tag.

Create a backup of the SOI\resources\Core\Catalogpolicy\spectrumim_policy.xml file

Stop the CA SAM Integration Services Service.

Update the spectrumim_policy.xml file as follows:

*The bold marked code is new code.

<EventClass name="Port" extends="Item">
                                <Field output="InstanceName" format="{0}:{1}" input="DeviceDnsName,Description" />
                                <Field output="Label" format="{0}:{1}" input="DeviceDnsName,Description" />

Save the modifications and start the CA SAM Integration Services Service.

If still Port showing old format, uncheck Perform Delta processing in SOI administration and restart the Connector.