CA API gateway Tactical assertion for protocol ISO8583


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Tactical assertion for protocol ISO8583 was available on API GTW 8.4. Customer needs it for GTWY 9.4. Is it still available? Where?


Release : 9.4

Component : API GATEWAY


ISO8583 Tactical assertion is deprecated in 9.x; instead, you can use The Extensible Socket Connector assertion that allows the gateway to attach policies to custom TCP protocols used between clients and servers. A TCP client connects to an extensible socket connector listener port. The gateway will decode the message so that the request message can be evaluated against a policy, and the response will be returned to the TCP client. During policy execution, the gateway can connect to a server's TCP port. It will send a message to the server after properly encoding it using a codec. The server will return a response and they gateway will decode it using the same codec. The resulting message is available in policy afterwards.

The following encoding/decoding of Data Protocols are supported:
HL7, ISO8583 Encoding, Length Prefixed, MLLP (Minimal Lower Level Protocol) , Marker Terminated Messages.