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Two SiteMinder WAM UI in single RHEL server


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We have a requirement of installing two WAM UI in the same RHEL server.
But when I am trying to install the second WAM UI it is getting me the message "WAM UI is already installed in the server". 
Could you please let me know how to install two WAM UI instances in the same RHEL server.


Release : 12.8.03



The customer did not go ahead with this. It is not supported.

The installer does not allow multiple instanced of the adminui to be installed on the same server. This does present some supportability issues should we hack the install to allow this.

When the prerequites are installed the following files are created:


These files are used by the prereq and adminui installer to determine where the prereqs are installed, if this is an upgrade or an install, or if it is already installed.

Please bear in mind that the following is almost certainly not supported, we recommend that you install only one adminui on each server.

I installed the prerequites and adminui to /opt/adminui1


mv $HOME/.Admin_UI_Prerequisite_Registry.registry $HOME/.Admin_UI_Prerequisite_Registry.registry.adminui1
mv /var/.com.zerog.registry.xml /var/.com.zerog.registry.xml.adminui1

I then installed the prerequites and adminui to /opt/adminui2, with different ports

Unfortunately the adminui failed to install properly with the following in the log:

String does not contains '"' in it.
Custom Action:
Additional Notes: FATAL ERROR - Command failed: Invoking Framework Installer\nReturn Value: 1\nStdout: Preparing SILENT Mode Installation...

So I uninstalled:


And installed again. This time it worked without error.


mv $HOME/.Admin_UI_Prerequisite_Registry.registry $HOME/.Admin_UI_Prerequisite_Registry.registry.adminui2
mv /var/.com.zerog.registry.xml /var/.com.zerog.registry.xml.adminui2

This installs properly, but bear in mind support is not really equiped to do proper testing to see if the installs work 100%. You would need to do your own testing to satisfy yourself.

However, when it comes to upgrading, you will need to manage $HOME/.Admin_UI_Prerequisite_Registry.registry and /var/.com.zerog.registry.xml yourself so that they are picked up by the installer. This means renaming the correct files back to $HOME/.Admin_UI_Prerequisite_Registry.registry and /var/.com.zerog.registry.xml before upgrading a specific instance of the adminui. You might also need to do this for some patches as well.

Uninstalling seems to go though ok without moving the files.