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How to launch multiple instances of the Spectrum Service Dashboard from the same client system


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CA Spectrum


By default, the service Dashboard is open "in context". When opened "in context", if there is already an open Service Dashboard, it will not open a new one. It will use the open Service Dashboard.

This knowledge document explains how to launch multiple instances of the Spectrum Service Dashboard from the same client system


Release : Any

Component : Spectrum Service Dashboard


You can modify the oneclick.jnlp file used by the Service Dashboard to remove opening "in context" by doing the following:

1. Log into the OneClick web page

2. Right mouse click on the Service Dashboard link and select "Save Link As" and save it to the Desktop of your client work station.

3. Edit the oneclick.jnlp file. At the bottom of the file, look for the following:

<argument>-context [email protected]</argument><argument>-contextPort 43005</argument><argument>-compress 9</argument>

And change it to read as follows removing the above highlighted text:

<argument>-context [email protected]</argument><argument>-compress 9</argument>

4. Use this modified oneclick.jnlp file to open a Service Dashboard.

With jre installed properly on the client work station, double clicking on the oneclick.jnlp file will open the Service Dashboard.

Additional Information

NOTE: This will only work by downloading and modifying the oneclick.jnlp file to the local client system and making the modifications described above. This will have no affect on launching the Service Dashboard from the OneClick Web Page or launching it from the OneClick console when selecting Tools -> Utilities -> Service Dashboard from the OneClick console top level menu.