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Can an older SS db file be loaded on a newer version of Spectrum?


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We have a current 
Spectrum 10.3.1 (current)
1 MLS Spectrum pair - landscape 0x100000
1 OneClick
1 OneClick + Reporting
1 Jasper Server

Spectrum 10.4.1 (new installed)
1 MLS Spectrum pair - landscape 0x100000
1 Spectrum pair - landscape 0x200000
1 Spectrum pair - landscape 0x300000
1 OneClick
1 OneClick + Reporting
1 Jasper Server

I would like to port the Spectrum 10.3.1 databases into Spectrum 10.4.1 without reinstalling 10.4.1. Is it even possible?
I already copy db_*SSdb.gz and db_*DDMDb.tgz from Spectrum 10.1.1 to /spectrum/SS and /spectrum/SS/DDM on Spectrum 10.4.1.

What is the best and easy way to make this migration work?


Release : 10.4

Component : DX NetOps Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


Once Spectrum is installed there is no way to convert the entire SS database without a reinstall. The SS database consists of the catalog and models. The catalog is essentially a template for creating the models.  If you want to use the out of box catalog, then you can take your previous SSdb, move it to the new SS, make sure it is unzipped, and load THE MODELS ONLY into the newer version of Spectrum:

From the SS directory:

../SS-Tools/SSdbload -m ../SS-DB-Backup/db_from_old_version_of_Spectrum.SSdb

If you do this you will lose any Watches that you created, along with any mib attributes you created by importing mibs.  Also, any attributes that had a Default Value will be changed.

If you need to keep the catalog and the models, your only option is to uninstall Spectrum SpectroSERVERs and migrate the database from old Spectrum 10.1.1 to Spectrum 10.4.1 by using the dbsavefile and install 10.4.1 on top of those databases: 

Additional Information

The same concept is applicable when taking a newer SSDB and wanting to load it on an older version of Spectrum.