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FDM - masking job terminates when server reaches the set time limit for active but idle Remote Desktop Service session


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


I just wanted to find out if there is some setting(s) from an 'application perspective' that can somehow 'cheat' the policy settings configured in a server.
When running large masking jobs, it takes time to complete. The server goes idle and displays the screen lock. Grace period for user input must be within 15 minutes.
If time allotted goes beyond the set time limit, the server goes into idle mode and terminates whatever that is running in the foreground.
When you logged back in, the masking job is gone. 

Any recommendation(s) on your end is highly appreciated. If there's any way that this can be prevented, please let us know. 

CA TDM 4.8.1
FDM 4.9.440


CA TDM 4.8.1
FDM 4.9.440


So the Group policy is looking for keystrokes and or mouse clicks to stop or reset the timer for user interactions.
there is no current functionality built into FDM that will simulate the keypress or mouse process to keep this from happening.

This would be an ER that should be submitted via our idea wall.

There are many different ways around this.
I use a small application to do this.

You could create a small power shell script to do the same thing