some MIB imports failed in Spectrum Install 10.4.2
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some MIB imports failed in Spectrum Install 10.4.2


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CA Spectrum


We recently installed Spectrum 10.4.2 and in checking install logs, we see there are a number of failed MIB Imports listed in <SPECROOT>/Install-Tools/LOGS/<date>/mibtools.txt


Release : 20.2

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER

While this article is written in response to an issue seen in 10.4.2, some of the failed MIb imports exist in earlier versions. 

In addition, the suggested solution to repairing failed imports can be applied to any failed MIB import, whether OOB, from and install, or custom MIBs downloaded from the internet or Vendor website. 


Over time, some MIBs which have been added, are showing some errors on Installation Import into MibDatabase. Some of these are caused by missing MIB file dependencies. Other failed imports are caused by syntax errors in the MIB. 


For any failed import MIB which mentions a missing file, the best solution is to go out and obtain the missing MIB dependency file, place it in the required directory, and re-import the original MIB. 


MIB failed to compile.
IMPORTS failed: Could not find the file in the SearchPath specified : contrib/ALCATEL-ENT1-VLAN-STP-MIB

Here, Download ALCATEL-IND1-VLAN-STP-MIB.mib into <SPECROOT>/MibDatabase/contrib, and using MIB tools Import utility , re-import ALCATEL-ENT1-GVRP-MIB. It should succeed as long as contrib/ALCATEL-ENT1-VLAN-STP-MIB is present. 


For ones which show syntax errors, they may be able to resolve if you can edit and repair the syntax issue. Spectrum (Broadcom) does not write the MIBs - they come from Vendors and the Vendors are responsible for providing accurate and correct syntax in their MIBs. But, in some cases, the syntax error can be resolved on your own, depending on what the problem is. For others you cannot solve, then we would recommend to reach the Vendor responsible for the MIB to have it repaired. 


MIB failed to compile.
IMPORTS failed: Could not parse the file contrib/VMWARE-ENV-MIB. Encountered "-" at line 619, column 5.
Was expecting a ModuleName and that should be in upper case or at least in proper case

Here its mentioned on line 619 of the file is the issue, there is erroneous hyphen causing syntax error. This is resolved by removing the hyphens and the comment, leaving just "END" for the end of mib. Once you save the file and re-import it should proceed normally.  

Additional Information

This is a good place to grab MIBs:

Spectrum Engineering is aware of these MIB import errors and these will be repaired OOB in a future version (build) of Spectrum.