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Does Faver exploit zEDC (zEnterprise Data Compression) capabilities?


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FAVER VSAM Data Protection for z/OS


Upgrading processors to handle zEDC (zEnterprise Data Compression) and need to know if Faver will exploit this feature.


z/OS 2.2 and above with new hardware upgrade for zEDC

Faver 4.5 and above


CA Faver does not exploit the new IBM zEDC hardware features. This feature is external to Faver and its processes. However, if you are utilizing zEDC and using Faver disk to disk feature for the export this could aid in lowering the disk footprint.

Faver disk to disk will simply allocate the file but the operating system (SMS) can use the zEDC process and the allocation can be on the dedicated volumes and utilize much less space. This process is totally outside of Faver but is very efficient and faster than tape processing.

Faver will be totally unaware of the zEDC functions during OPEN or CLOSE processing.