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CDM showing Disk Metrics but not CPU or Memory when using MCS Enhanced Profiles


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We have configured MCS Enhanced Profiles to monitor Disk, Memory, and CPU Usage on several servers.  However, on some servers, only Disk metrics are showing up in UMP.

Further investigation with DrNimbus reveals that the CPU and Memory QOS Messages are not being sent.


Release : 9.2.0

Component : Robot 9.20HF14 or lower


This issue is resolved with robot_update 9.20HF15 (or higher) which is available on the UIM Hotfix Index site.

After deploying the updated robot you must take the following additional steps:

1. in Infrastructure Manager, highlight the mon_config_service probe on the primary hub and press CTRL+P; or in Admin Console, locate the mon_config_service probe and select the menu option "open probe utility in new window."

2. Select the callback "plugin_metric_correction"

3. For the parameter "process_all_devices" enter a value of 1.

4. For the robot_names parameter, enter the name of the robot which you have just updated. You can also use a comma-separated list to perform the activity on multiple robots at once.

5. Click the green triangle button to execute the callback.


After some time, the profiles will be updated (usually within 15-20 minutes) and you will start seeing the metrics appear.