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How can I automatically unzip CAZ files with Cazipxp.exe?


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Is thereĀ a method to automatically extract CAZ file format files such as patches, documentation and output from the Service Desk Support Diagnostic Tool?


The following steps outline one method to make this easier.

  1. Download "cazipxp.exe" from
  2. Place the file in a folder such as C:\CAPatches\ or somewhere else.
  3. Create a "uncazip.bat" batch file with the following contents:
    REM Procedure to use cazipxp -u in a batch fileREM to unzip.caz files with a double click.REM This batch file will create a subdirectory,REM and move the file to that folder and unzipREM the file there. - [email protected] onSet filename=%1For %%A in ("%filename%") do (Set Folder=%%~dpASet Name="%%~nxAecho %Name% )echo.Folder is: %Folder%echo.Name is: %Name%mkdir %Name%_DIRmove %Name% %Name%_DIRCD %Name%_DIRC:\CAPatches\cazipxp -u %Name%
  4. Go to the Windows "Start" Menu > "Default Programs"
    "Default Programs" is shown in Figure 1 below.

    Figure 1:

    <Please see attached file for image>

    Figure 1

  5. Select "Associate a file type or protocol with a program" as shown in Figure 2.

    Figure 2:

    <Please see attached file for image>

    Figure 2
  6. Associate the .caz extension with the batch file created in Step #3 as shown in Figure 3:

    Figure 3:

    <Please see attached file for image>

    Figure 3

    Now, when double clicking any .CAZ file, it will replace the file with a folder of the same name and its extracted contents.


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