Guide for eHealth Upgrade from 6.1.X and 6.2.X to and
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Guide for eHealth Upgrade from 6.1.X and 6.2.X to and


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CA eHealth


This user guide is designed to help users download, install, and upgrade eHealth. It provides basic information regarding what is needed to be downloaded; and also provides the install/upgrade procedures to follow.

Note: This document links to, where the actual download is performed

eHealth download tasks are divided into fresh installs and upgrades. As of 6.3.0, CA no longer releases eHealth patch kits as it did in r6.2.2 and older. CA now releases "Maintenance Kits" in the form of The latest kit is These Maintenance Kits are stored in where everything can be downloaded for a fresh installation of to (except, including the eHealth Maintenance Kits, Oracle and base kits, Oracle and update kits and the latest Oracle CPU patches. CA eHealth and require Oracle base kits or later. Whereas requires Oracle and the Oracle client from Oracle base kit. Thus Oracle base software must be downloaded when upgrading from 6.1.X and 6.2.x through to regardlessof Oracle versions currently installed.


Release: LHBASC99000-6.2-eHealth-Live Health Upgrade Elements

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