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How do we store a 44 character dsname in the EASYedit panel: EZYPC01 in PDSMAN?


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Hi, Is it possible to store a data set with 44 character long in the EASYedit panel: EZYPC01? 

We can only store a data set with 28 character length in the EASYedit panel: EZYPC01 in PDSMAN.

Here is the example:
1 DSN= 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'


Release : 7.7

Component : CA-PDSMAN for OS/390


1) Go to the Ezyedit main panel

2) Hit PF1 which takes you to a screen that provides you extended options selections.

3) Tab down to item "O User Options" and put an S in front of this.

4) You will now be in the Ezyedit Options Menu, select number 1 General Options

5) Review this option: Dataset Variable Format       ===> STD        

6) Change this to Dataset Variable Format       ===> DATA     

7) PF3 back to the main menu, you will see a different display that will allow a 44 character display.