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How to display package version in the RC/Query PK-L report


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RC/Query for DB2 for z/OS


In the RC/Q Application Package List (PK-L) report how do I display package version information.

There is no Version column included in the report.


Release : 20.0

Component : CA RC/Query for DB2 for z/OS


VERSION is a hidden column for the PK-L report.

The hidden columns are optional columns that can be turned on and off using the QUALIFIERS Profile option.

QUALIFIERS ==> Y (Y/N) - For Obj. Dep. and some Ver. 2.1 cols.

Setting this to Y will display the hidden columns BOUNDBY and VERSION. You can then use your customized report to exclude or include these two columns as desired.

You can also toggle the display of these hidden columns by using the QualifyOn and QualifyOff line commands.

Additional Information

The RC/Query Profile Options can be displayed and updated by issuing the PROFILE line command from any RC/Query panel.

Then select option 2.

2 -  RC/QUERY Profile Variables

For further information on these profile variables press PF1 on the RC/QUERY Profile Variables panel.

This provides further information on the Qualifiers profile option.

Description:  This option controls the display of the optional      
              creator columns. For the object dependency reports, it
              turns on/off the display of the object creator        
              columns. For other reports, it turns on/off the       
              CREATEDBY and BOUNDBY columns. Valid values are:      
              Y   Yes, display the optional creator columns.        
              N   No, do not display the optional creator columns.