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Telon - Can Telon generated PL/I Programs be recompiled without a Telon license?


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Endevor Software Change Manager (SCM) Telon Application Generator


We have around 3000 existing Telon generated PL/I Elements present in Endevor.

How can we make new changes/ Re-compile or Generate our existing PL/I codes in endevor.

We no longer have a Telon license.



Release : 5.1

Component : CA Telon


If you have Telon source you will need Telon Maclib and Loadlib (requires Telon license).
If you have Cobol/Pl1 source and these have no calls to Telon subroutines, field edits, or line optimization or abormal term.ination routines you will be ok to remove Telon Maclib or Loadlibs (no Telon License required).