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IBM HTTP Server Powered by Apache is not a supported web server. Why is this the case?


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE



IBM HTTP Server Powered by Apache does not support the mod_status module. APM uses the mod_status module to collect and report metrics. Consequently, any webserver which does not support mod_status is not supported by APM.


The mod_status module is used to deliver server-status statistics which APM uses for monitoring.

This simple Apache module allows a Web administrator to capture at a point in time various Apache Web server and access performance-related statistics by drilling down to the work performed by each individual thread.

The iSeries HTTP Server (powered by Apache) does not support mod_status.

Additional information available in the APM PowerPack for Webservers documentation:

Monitoring web servers

Q. For monitoring and getting performance metrics of a new web server based on standard base types of Sun ONE, Apache and Microsoft IIS, is there any requirement?

A. Yes. For Apache based web server the mod_status module must be available. Sun ONE servers must have service-dump function and WMI classes must be available on IIS web server machine.


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