Unable to get details of who started recording on DevTest Portal


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We are not able to get details for the user who start recording on portal.
As many time multiple users start but they have put wrong details while recording and lead to issues in whole portal.

How can we fetch the details who started the recording?


This is an feature enhancement created as patch fix.


Release : 10.6

Component : CA Application Test


Create a support case and refer to DE473175. After you receive the files on support case below are the steps to follow:


Place the file "phoenix-10.6.0-DE473175.war" at LISA_HOME\webserver\patches. Make sure there are no other PORTAL(Phoenix) patches in the folder. Otherwise this will cause a conflict

Restart PORTAL service

PATCH Needed on Registry and VSE Server:

Place the file "patch_DE473175_10.6.0_LTD.jar" in LISA_HOME/lib/patches folder and restart VSE and Registry Service

Note: Since 'Recorded By' field was never captured as part of recording, this field will have a value only for new recordings created after the patch is in place

How to TEST

After placing the patches, login as several different users in PORTAL and created new recording. 

Now go to VSE Monitor and check recordings

Test if the "Recorded By" field is shown correctly and you are able to sort and search on this field. You should also be able to hide, show and move this column.