How does PDSMAN handle EXPDT with ISPF/Endevor when using Last Referenced Date Recording?


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How does PDSM manage handling of Last Reference Dates and Expiration Base Dates when recorded in ISPF statistics
directory entry format or in Endevor Change Manager format?


Release : 7.7

Component : CA-PDSMAN for OS/390

z/OS any level


PDSMAN records Last Reference Dates and Expiration Base Dates in ISPF and Endevor directory entries as 15 bit binary values. The
formulas below are used to calculate the 15 bit values for various dates.

1) For the years 1977 thru 2009 (inclusive) the following formula is used:

     date-77000 where date is CYYDDD (C\u003d0 prior to the year 2000 and C\u003d1 after 2000)

 For example; January 1, 2008

108001 - 77000 \u003d 31001 or x\u00277919\u0027

2) For years 2010 thru 2042 (inclusive) when the update date is before 2015:

   date-10000+366 where date is YYDDD

 For example; December 31, 2042

 42365 - 10000 + 366 \u003d 32731 or x\u00277FDB\u0027

3) When the member update date is on or after January 1, 2015 (except if dealing with \u0027no expire\u0027 date 99365)

  date-update Date+256 where both dates are in the form YYDDD

 For example; February 15, 2015 when the update date is January 30, 2015

 15046 - 15030 + 256 \u003d 272 or x\u0027110\u0027