Rally - Lookback API parent field showing incorrect object ID


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CA Agile Central SaaS (Rally)


When pulling records from lookback API (LBAPI) and examining the parent field such as Feature it shows an incorrect object ID in comparison to what is being represented in webservices API (WSAPI).

For example LBAPI may show the following value for Feature

"Feature": 304613212932

Whereas WSAPI is showing the following value for 

"PortfolioItem": {
	"_ref": "https://rally1.rallydev.com/slm/webservice/v2.0/portfolioitem/features/221313906284",



This can happen if the portfolio item type being referenced is renamed.  After a rename, the snapshot service begins recording the new portfolio item type name as a new attribute in LBAPI thereby leaving the data in the previous attribute name stale.

In the example above, the portfolio item type was renamed from Feature to Features, resulting in a new LBAPI attribute called Features which held the correct object ID.  Changes like this can break code that relies on the specific portfolio item type name attribute.


Release : SAAS



Refactor any code to look at the PortfolioItem attribute in the LBAPI response instead of the specific portfolio item type attribute as the PortfolioItem attribute is a static name that will always reference the correct object ID.