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We have several servers still running windows 2003.These agents are still on V5.5.2. Will the agents still work, when we migrate the NAC/NES to V6.7
Same for agents on windows 2008, as WIN2008 is no longer supported in V6.7, will agents on v6.6 still work when we migrate NAC/NES to V6.7


Release : 6.6, 6.7



1: Agent 6.6 is shipped with java 1.8.0_162 (Oracle). If you see supported server for java 8 its only from or above windows server 2008 R2

2: Agent 6.7 shipped with 1.8.0_232 (Adopt Open JDK). The java 8 of adopt have support for

3: Please find support matrix for Oracle and AdoptJDK

4: In theory the agent 6.6 may work on Windows server 2003, However "We don't recommend it?". The very reason we don't recommend it is in case of any issue if we discovered with java on Windows server 2003 (or any unsupported OS i.e. Operating System), we can't expect a fix from JAVA vendor on that. Even in case of extended support for OS, The OS vendor will only be able to provide support at OS level not for Java or any other third party software.

Our recommendation

  1. To baseline minimum supported Windows OS i.e. to Windows Server 2008 R2 for agent 6.6
  2. To baseline minimum supported Windows OS i.e. to Windows Server 2012 for agent 6.7


Additional Information


  • Ideally, an agent with version of 6.6 can work with NAC and NES of version 6.7, with below two constraints
    1. Make sure that your NAC and NES are all should be on version 6.7 and on supported OS platform.
    2. In case of any issue identified with an agent and requires an agent upgrade, the agent OS need to be on supported version as mentioned above before an agent upgrade.