VIP PUSH fails with reason=29 Access Denied Push Trampled


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VIP Service


Validation server log sample of error:

INFO "2020-08-18 18:55:35.117 GMT-0700" Citrix_Netscaler:1822 0 0 "text=Evaluating Push Closure request for user [marty_mcfly]" Thread-10848 VSAuthOTPStandardControllerImpl.cpp
INFO "2020-08-18 18:55:35.117 GMT-0700" Citrix_Netscaler:1822 0 0 "text=Sending Acces-Reject for user [marty_mcfly] , reason=29; PUSH Trampled." Thread-10848 VSAuthOTPStandardControllerImpl.cpp
AUDIT "2020-08-18 18:55:35.117 GMT-0700" Citrix_Netscaler:1822 0 0 "text=Access DENIED PUSH Trampled. ,reason=29; PUSH Trampled." Thread-10848 VSValidationEngine.c


This occurs when the validation server receives a new PUSH request for the same user before the prior PUSH times out. 


PUSH timeout values are recommended to be set to 60 seconds on the VIP Enterprise Gateway, and very similar at the source of the validation request. 60 seconds allows time for the end-user to receive and acknowledge the PUSH request. If a new request is sent to the validation server for the same user before the existing PUSH has timed-out, a new PUSH request is initiated and 'tramples' over that existing PUSH.  

For example, a Cisco AnyConnect client timeout is set to 15 seconds and the VIP RADIUS Validation Server is set to 60 seconds. An end-user does not respond to a VIP PUSH request within 15 seconds and is prompted to log in again. The second attempt is done within 60 seconds of the first. This PUSH supersedes (tramples) the first and the resulting error in the logs is   Access DENIED PUSH Trampled. ,reason=29; PUSH Trampled.