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SpectroWatch fails with "SPC-WCH-20072:This is a user defined error"


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CA Spectrum


SpectroWatch fails with "SPC-WCH-20072:This is a user defined error"


The watch expression queries specific instances of the bgpPeerState attribute in the bgpPeerTable. For example:

( ( ( bgpPeerState. != 6 ) | ( bgpPeerState. != 6 ) ) | ( bgpPeerState. != 6 ) )

The expression syntax is correct and is accepted by Spectrum.

However, the root cause of the error is one or more of the instances specified in the expression are NOT in the bgpPeerTable table causing the SNMP query for that instance in the bgpPeerTable table to fail.

This applies to any SpectroWatch where the watch expression uses specific instances in a table. If that instance is NOT in the table, the SNMP query for that instance will fail causing this error.


Release : Any

Component : SPCCSS - Spectrum Core / SpectroWatch


When using specific instance values in a watch expression, ensure the instance used is a valid instance in the table being queried.

Additional Information

Please reference the "Watches" section of the documentation for more information.