DevTest - Error doing random data sets


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Test case with dataset

Steps to Reproduce -

  • Run test case is ITR - it runs successful
  • Stage the test case to the Server

Expected Results - Successful test run

Actual Results - Receive error - 

Message:     Error doing random data sets

Trapped Exception: The dir /opt/<PATH>/<test_dir> does not exist or cannot be read. Please provide the correct path and verify the dir has read permissions enabled.


The directory name in the path is in lower case but it is referenced in all caps in the test case.

Example - 

test_directory is found under the Projects directory

TEST_DIRECTORY is referenced in the test case


Linux is case sensitive while Windows is not.

This would explain why on a Windows machine the ITR works, but receives an error when staged on a Linux server.


Release : All supported releases

Component : CA Application Test


Update the test case to match the case of the directory in the path.