Message events processed by only one rule although there are several rules that match the message id


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CA OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


Since we have a rule for $HASP395 and other for $HASP3* the two will be processed on every $HASP395 event, the rule order it will from more specif to the least one.

Would it be possible to write some code so the rule for $HASP395 prevents the $HASP3* from running?


Release : 13.0

Component : OPS/MVS


The solution is to insert code in the generic rule to bypass message ids that have their specific rules.

For example:

if = '$HASP395' then return
/* rest of the $HASP3* rule code */

Another approach can be using the event variable MSG.USER. A value can be set in the less generic rule so that the generic rule can inspect the variable to make decisions.

For example:


msg.user = 'NOAUTO'
/* rest of the $HASP395 rule code */

The generic rule would test the value of this variable:

if msg.user = 'NOAUTO' then return
/* rest of the $HASP3* rule code */