Trying to use secure port with AT-TLS getting errors for LDAP


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LDAPS and the error we are getting is : Õ08/13³20:09:20.209273³43EE500000000004þ tls_init: bypass ti_tls_init
Õ08/13³20:09:20.209289³43EE500000000004þ connection_read(9): TLS accept failure error=-1 id=3905, closing
Õ08/13³20:09:20.209302³43EE500000000004þ connection_closing: readying conn=3905 sd=9 for close

This is the command we ran on Unix server: openssl s_client -connect XXXX:636 -showcerts


Release : 16.0

Component : CA ACF2 for z/OS


Cannot use AT-TLS and CA LDAP secure connection at the same time. Either use CA LDAP to secure with SSL or you use AT-TLS to secure the connection.

If using AT-TLS and you must use the CA LDAP unsecured port to establish a secure connection. If using CA LDAP and NOT AT-TLS to secure the connection to CA LDAP, use the secured port number which you predefined in the slapd.conf file to establish the secured connection.