Load Balancing Options among collectors


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Please let me know the different options for loadbalancing for Introscope agents among collectors?   

Currently, we have every server listed as static content in the loadbalancing.xml files for each environment. 

While that works, it is not exactly best practice having static content we have to update every time there is a new server or a server rename or decommission. 

I assume that we can use regular expressions, rather than specifically name the agents, and that would help somewhat. 

Are there other options?   Isn't Introscope smart enough to do this on its own yet?   


Release : 10.7.0

Component : APM Agents


APM can handle load balancing on its own.  This has been in the product for quite a long time. 

The loadbalancing.xml file is generally used when a user requires specific Agents to report to a specific Collector or Collectors.  For example if you wish all Websphere agents to report to Collector 1 and all Weblogic agents to report to Collector 2, etc....

But if a user does not have any need for the above, then that user can use an empty (or commented out) loadbalancing.xml file and allow the MOM to handle the Agent assignments.