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CA SYSVIEW CSCHEDUL Command returns EMPTY screen.


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Issuing the CSCHEDUL command brings an empty screen like on the example below. 

SYSVIEW 16.0 PAID ----- CSCHEDUL, CICS Schedule Events ---- 2020/08/13 15:23:19

Command ====>                                                 Scroll *===> PAGE

-------------------------------------------------- Lvl 2 Row 0-0/0 Col 1-79/359

Jobname POSCICS  ASID 01A3 Jobid S0125128 CICS 5.2 Mode REGION                

Status        Next event 2020/08/14 00:00:00                                  

ACTIVE        Interval   08:36:40  StartMode COLD  Checkpoint SAVED           


Cmd  Jobname  Group    Name             Type     Every    Limit    TimeBeg    

****************************** No Data Available ******************************


The issue caused by SECURITY settings in Sysview. Group to which USERID belongs haven't allowed to monitor SCHEDULE resources. 



Release: 16.0

Component: SYSVIEW


To fix it follow the steps below: 

1. issue SECURITY cmd.
2. Select "User Groups"
3. Select "DEFAULT"
4. Select "Resources Section"
5. Select "SCHEDULE" and overtype "newresource" by equal or asterisk sign "="/ "*" and press enter then in "Access" column type "A" then pres PF3 which save that changes. 

= - An equal sign (=) will allow to show all resources. 

* - An asterisk (*) matches one character, that option allowing you to specify some exact resources, for example, to specify all resources that have ABC as their fourth, fifth, and sixth characters, type ***ABC=.

Also, check if you have generic SV.RESN.SYS.restype definitions and users have UPDATE rights to it.