Total lines of code stored within Endevor


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The mainframe is being assessed and within Endevor there is a need to determine the total lines of code stored by type.  Is there a report that is available to do this? 


Release : 18.0 18.1 

Component : CA Endevor Software Change Manager


Run CONRPT02- System Inventory Summary. For each system included in the report request, this report provides element summary information. When used to report on an entire system, this report is useful in determining the overall size of that system. CONRPT02 is a summary version of CONRPT01. If Endevor is directed to search the environment map to create CONRPT02, information is organized differently than a search that is confined to a single environment. When Endevor searches the environment map, the sort sequence is organized according to subsystem, type and relative stage number. Each entry shows source, environment, system, subsystem, stage, and type values.The report output will look something like this:

For more information on the report review this: