oracle probe alert (Profile timed out, the probe may be hanging!)


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We getting a huge number of alerts (Profile xxxxxl8001dps_CMAUS02P timed out, the probe may be hanging!) from the oracle probe .

1) Why this type of alert is generating.
2) How to solve this issue


Release : 9.2.0

Component : UIM - ORACLE


You have 2 options:

1 - Talk to your Oracle Database administrator to check the ENQUEUE_RESOURCES and DML_LOCKS

Some hints:

Number of table and row locks (acquired and converted) that timed out before they could complete. Consider to increase parameter ENQUEUE_RESOURCES or DML_LOCKS.

processes are Oracle initialization parameters.) The number of processes defaults to 50. So the default value for dml_locks = 4 * (1.1 * 50) = 220. However, depending on number of users, this may not be large enough for your system. Not having enough dml_locks and/or enqueue_resources may cause latch contention.

the number of resources that can be locked by the lock manager. The value of enqueue_resources should be no greater than dml_locks + 20.

2 - You can just disable the alarm to no about the enqueue_timeouts

      type = 18
      active = yes
      qos = yes
      alarm = no
      qos_list = yes
      description = Monitors number of table and row locks that timed out
      clear_msg = rac_enqueue_timeouts_1
      clear_sev = clear
      scheduling = rules
      msg_variables = $check.x;$profile.x;$instance.x;$INSTANCE_NAME.x;$ENQUEUE_TIMEOUTS.n;$interval_value.n;
      condition = >=
      column = ENQUEUE_TIMEOUTS
      key = $INSTANCE_NAME
      samples = 1
      interval = 
            qos_name = enqueue_timeouts
            qos_desc = Oracle Enqueue Timeouts
            qos_unit = Timeouts
            qos_abbr = Count
            qos_max = 0
            qos_value = ENQUEUE_TIMEOUTS
            qos_key = $INSTANCE_NAME

Additional Information

The oracle probe has a limit of up to 50 connections. If you go above that limit you will normally encounter performance and scalability issues.