+DB01801E - INTERFACE ERROR - 44 on Program using URT with RRS=YES.


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Execution of a CA Datacom batch program using a User Requirements Table ( URT ) with DBURINF RRS=YES for two-phase commit processing

fails with +DB01801E - INTERFACE ERROR - 44 .


44 means PC NOT VALID

The r14 CA Datacom/DB Database and System Administration Guide documents as follows :

Installation and Use of the CA Datacom/DB Program Call PC Routines

A new Program Call PC subroutine has been built that is subordinate to the CA MASTER address space to support special requirements.
Those special requirements include the use of XCF communications, RRS for two-phase processing, and not running DBUTLTY as authorized, as required.

CAIRIM installs the DBPCSPR routine during the IPL process, or later. If not installed by CAIRIM, there is no support for XCF, RRS, or DBUTLTY functions, or requirements that cannot be done in problem mode. CAMASTER is part of CA Common Services for z/OS.

To verify if that DBPCSPR routine has been installed run R14 DBUTLTY REPORT MEMORY=MVS .

In following example you can see that DBPCSPR has been installed .

ADDRESS      SIZE  TEXT         
31DC2000     4096  DB_SVC_AC R14.0+ SYSTEM ANCHOR      
31DBF000     4346  DBPCCPR  14.0   20120625 12.13  CROSS MEMORY  PC=PROD 
31DBD000     2976  DBPCSPR  14.0   20120625 12.13  PC XCF + RRS  PC=PROD 


Release: DATABB00200-14-Datacom/AD