Interface Name Alias column missing in Dashboard for User Role login session


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we have created a Dashboard for end-user access with user role. dashboard contains cisco-rtt mon elements.. we designed to have Name, Interafce Name Alais , Average response time, path availability average.from admin login its showning properly. But with user role login"Interface Name alias" column not displaying. screenshot attatched for reference. 

Note: if we provide admin role for the user, column Interface Name alias visible in dashboard. we cannot provide admin access to end users.


Need to add rights to the role to get the column listed 


Release : 3.7.12

Component : IM Reporting / Admin / Configuration


Check the role assigned to the user

Administration -> User Settings -> Users


Example IT Operator role

Administration->User Settings -> Roles


Edit IT Operator Role

Edit Performance Center / DX NetOps Role Rights


Add below rights to the user by selecting and clicking on right arrow

Modify Interface Alias

View Item Display Name or Name Alias

Now non admin user will also be able to see the Interface Name Alias