RACF permissions required for QuickFetch


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CA QuickFetch


QuickFetch caches modules in memory. Does it need to read the library that a module comes from?
For comparison, PMO reads library directories and is given the TRUSTED attribute.
There is no evidence from SMF TYPE 14 records that QuickFetch reads libraries.

Can we remove all RACF profiles giving QuickFetch READ access to libraries that it manages?


Release : 2.6

Component : CA Resource Initialization Manager(Comm)

z/OS any level


QF has no facility similar to PMO. QF requires READ access to all the files to be managed by QF. This is a requirement for RACF, Top-Secret, and ACF2.         

Internally module QFSALLOC issues an OPEN for input. QF issues a BLDL and does validation of the directory entry prior to using BSAM READ/CHECK macros to READ the blocks into storage.

(QFSMSALG may also OPEN the library for input if an I/O error occurs)

This forces QF to require READ access to all the load libraries it manages or will manage dynamically.

QF does not issue RACROUTE macros calls, RACTSTAT macro calls, or use the RCVTCDTB fields.                                                   
Please review page 3-29 of Sysprog Guide for the USERSVC process requirements for further detailed information in case you want to perform some additional exercise.