ACF2 EXPORT certificate command gets warning message ACF68062


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Issuing the following EXPORT command to create a pkcs#12 package 

 export sitecert.smpe2019 dsn('CSA05.SITECERT.SMPE2019.EXPORT')  pass(XXXXXXXX)

receives the following messages.

ACF68068 SITECERT.SMPE2019 has been placed in CSA05.SITECERT.SMPE2019.EXPORT    
ACF68062 PKCS#12 EXPORT package was created but was incomplete          

Is it still ok ?       


Release : 16.0

Component : CA ACF2 for z/OS


This message (acf68062) is acceptable if there are no signing certauth certificates available to complete the package, 
It was expired or not installed as a CERTAUTH certificate or does not exist in the database.
As this is possibly related to SMPE receive order processing, the signing certificates are
not required for the process to work.
Please verify that the signing certificates were not supplied when this certificate was installed - or add them to the ACF2 database if they are needed..