Trying to generate/view any CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) CA Business Intelligence (CABI) report within InfoView results in the following error: HTTP status 404 -CustomParams/ OR HTTP 400 Invalid Path /CustomParams/


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After applying CABI SP6 (TEC592444), following error might be seen when attempting to generate/view CABI reports:

HTTP status 404 - /CustomParams/

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Figure 1

A similar error "HTTP 400 Invalid Path /CustomParams/" might also surface.

This error occurs for all users and happens in all web browser versions.


As part of the CABI SP6 install, if Apache Tomcat 5.5 is still being used as the CABI web server and is detected, Tomcat will automatically be upgraded to Apache Tomcat 7.0.27. During of this upgrade, all CABI Java applications are redeployed for use with Apache Tomcat 7.0.27.

The 'HTTP status 404 - /CustomParams/' error indicates that the CustomParams Java application was not deployed properly and needs to be manually deployed.

  1. Stop the CABI Tomcat server via the Central Configuration Manager (CCM)

  2. Open a command prompt with 'Run as Administrator' rights and navigate to the '<CABI Install Directory>\SC\CommonReporting3\deployment' directory and run the following command to undeploy the CustomParams Java application

    wdeploy tomcat7 -DAPP=CustomParams undeploy

    Note: You may receive the following message - No undeploy information for application CustomParams

  3. Run the following command to deploy the CustomParams Java application

    wdeploy tomcat7 -DAPP=CustomParams deploy

    You should receive a message similar to the following

    Deploying CustomParams in conf/Catalina/localhost
    Deploying CustomParams in webapps/CustomParams
    Created dir: SC\CommonReporting3\Tomcat7\webapps\CustomParams
    Copying 1 file to SC\CommonReporting3\Tomcat7\webapps\CustomParams\META-INF
    Configuring Tomcat as a service...

  4. Restart the CABI Tomcat server via the Central Configuration Manager (CCM)

  5. Clear web browser cache and you will now be able to generate/view CABI reports


Component: SDBOXI


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