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How to access the SiteMinder environment for AdminUI?


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CA Single Sign On Secure Proxy Server (SiteMinder) CA Single Sign On SOA Security Manager (SiteMinder) CA Single Sign-On



You may want to access some information regarding your Admin UI / SiteMinder environment as you will do if you are used to the Identity Manager environment and the SiteMinder AdminUi is based on the same framework. You may want to access to this environment if you want to control User Directory access (Admin Referral control) or you want to know the base URL of the adminUI (URL used during the registration process)


  1. 1. Enable IDM manage.
    1. Open

    2. Find the Enable init-param, which is part of the AccessFilter

      <filter> section, and change the value to true<filter-name>AccessFilter</filter-name> (12SP3 / 12.5)<filter-name>ManagementConsoleAuthFilter</filter-name> (12.51)<filter-class>com.netegrity.ims.manage.filter.....</filter-class><init-param><param-name>Enable</param-name><param-value>true</param-value></init-param

  • Start (or restart) JBoss
  • Visit the following URL: <http://yourhost:port/iam/sitemindermanage>
  • Select Environment
  • Select SiteMinder

    • If you select the Environment you can select the directory definition and then change some Directories properties using the export (directory.xml) and update the configuration.
    • If you sekect the Siteminder environment you can modify of check some parameter like the Base URL.

Please note that accessing at those properties are to be use with the help of CA Support help as you may harm you system.

You need to be careful using it in your production environment.


Component: SMPLC