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Troubleshooting steps when not generating a transaction trace between APM CEM and Introscope.


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


Steps for integrating problem-resolution (transaction trace) between APM CEM with Introscope.



    All supported APM releases.


Although Introscope/CEM integration is well documented in the Installation section (APM 10.x and higher), investigating the following may help resolve integration issues:

  Things to investigate

1. Is the Application generating any slow time defects in APM CEM? 
2. Is the Application generating enough slow time defects to generate an Incident?
3. Are the TIM/MTP and EM releases compatible with each other according to the Product Compatibility Matrix?
4. Is a CEM or Customer Experience Process appearing under Custom Metric Host?
If not, check if EM_HOME/config/agentclusters.xml has the CEM section  is uncommented.
This is NOT done by default. Once uncommented, the CEM Process will appear immediately in the Investigator.  (No EM restart is needed.)

5.  What parts of the integration is showing up in the APM CEM MOM UI? 
      - The pie charts in incidents.
      - The four introscope fields are populated in the APM CEM MOM UI. Go to CEM>Incident Management>Defects. Select Introscope View or All.
6. Are there five bar graphs in total on the Incident Overview page?
7. Does the user have security authorization to run transaction traces?
8. Are the correct properties enabled and configured in the Agent pbl file to generate HTTP headers?
9. Does the traces tab show traces?
10. Do the traces exceed the % of slow time value?
11.  Is the % of slow time and defect threshold low enough to generate transaction traces? (On a non-production system, start at 5-15% percent of slow time. Be care using low settings on a production system that will generate TOO many transaction traces.)
12. is the HTTP component a supported one for transaction transaction trace?
13. Is the EM or Agent having performance issues?
14. Is the domainconfig.xml with the definition being sent to the EM
15. Does the definition need changing because it ts too specific or too general? (Such as matching on path alone.)
16. Does the Agent log in DEBUG Mode show the definition matching?
17.  If matching on hostname, is it resolvable and showing up?
For example, seeing only hostname while the definition is the fully qualified domain name.
18. Is the definition matching on the root path (/)? (This is a known issue of not working.)