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We have a Developer Portal 4.3 and we're evaluating an update to Developer Portal 4.5.
In Developer Portal 4.5, is it possible to run analytics with Druid?

We have two questions about it:
1) Druid console is integrated in Developer Portal 4.5?
2) Using Developer Portal 4.3, is it possible to install a Druid agent apart and consume Gateway analytics data?
    In other words, Gateway sends analytics to the Developer Portal, does Developer Portal persist the analytics data in a file so we can configure a Druid agent to consume it and use it's console?


Release : 4.5

Component : API PORTAL


Druid Console is not integrated with Portal 4.5. The Ingress Gateway authenticates and forwards the request containing analytics data to Ingestion Server, which then streams it to the Kafka topic. The Druid cluster ingests this data from the Kafka topic and stores in MinIO system. The Analytics Service exposes capabilities to query analytics data stored in Druid system for reporting and visualization in Portal 4.5.

With regards to question 2, I don't think Druid Agent would be able to consume analytics data from Portal 4.3 as the data structure of analytics data would be different.

We simple use Druids for storing Analytics data; it doesn't come with Druids's console. 

Please see the Portal 4.5 Architecture diagram as outlined below and also see the video link for Portal 4.5 features : https://youtu.be/5uPvALYsZhs