Txxx / Tnnn task abend in an IDMS CV


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An IDMS task ends with the following error:

DC027007 TASK:xxxxxxxx PROG:xxxxxxxx ABENDED WITH CODE Txxx


The Txxx abend codes occur when an online user program issues an invalid SVC while under the control of SVC Screening. The xxx is a number that represents the hexadecimal equivalent of the SVC number. For example, T038 means SVC 56 was issued.

Here is a list of some of the Txxx abends that have been reported in the past:

T002 T006 T00A T00B T012 T013 T022 T023 T028 T030 T031 T032
T033 T038 T03C T040 T042 T060 T062 T06B T08A T0BE T0F6 T0F7


Release : All supported releases.
Component : IDMS/DC


For a non-LE program check if it issues an SVC or if the program has been invoked from a high level language program without going through a TRANSFER CONTROL to allow the CA IDMS online system to handle the transfer.

For LE programs check for Unsupported LE Functions:

  • CEE3PRM: Get exec parms
  • CEETEST: Invoke debugging environment

Check for COBOL Features Not Supported by CA IDMS:

  • ENVIRONMENT and DATA DIVISION entries normally associated with file management (for example, INPUT-OUTPUT SECTION, FILE SECTION)
  • I/O statements, including ACCEPT, CLOSE, DELETE, DISPLAY, OPEN, READ, REWRITE, and WRITE
    Note: DATE/TIME related ACCEPT statements are supported in release 14.1and later for COBOL II and LE-compliant compilers.
  • The debugging features FDUMP and TEST
  • The sorting features SORT and MERGE
  • The compiler options ADV, DYNAM, FASTSRT, GRAPHIC, and OUTDD


Additional Information


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Features Not Supported by CA IDMS,

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