New UX Help link returns blank when french language is used


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When the Clarity language/locale is set to French the Help link when accessed from the new User Experience (UX) it opens a blank page. 

Steps to replicate:

  1. Log in to Clarity Classic UX
  2. From Home > account settings set language as French
  3. Click 'Help' - The documentation works as expected 
  4. Navigate to Modern UX
  5. Click 'Help' 

Expected Results: Like how it works Classic Clarity, Help link should navigate to the available English documentation as French documentation is not published currently.

Actual Result: A blank page opens up with the URL HID pointing to french language which does not exist today. 

Help Link returns blank page.


The issue relates to Defect DE56943


Clarity PPM 15.8.1



Fixed in 15.9

Workaround: Manually open Clarity documentation directly from Techdocs and search for help from relevant section.








Additional Information

KB article linked to Defect DE53998