New Gateway Node Added To Cluster Is Not Starting


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CA API Gateway


After going through the required configuration and setup of a new gateway node and attempting to add it to an existing cluster we see that the gateway does not start as expected.  Looking at the gateway status on the ssgconfig menu indicates the following:

Node Status = WONT_START


If we review the /opt/SecureSpan/Gateway/node/default/var/logs/ssg_0_0.log we will see the following kind of error message:

**** Unable to start the server: Error starting server : Error creating bean with name 'jmsBootProcess' defined in class path ....
Error creating bean with name 'clusterSharedKey' defined in class path resource [com/l7tech/server/resources/ssgApplicationContext.xml]: Invocation of init method failed; nested exception is com.l7tech.objectmodel.FindException: could not decrypt shared key: Given final block not properly padded

This error indicates that you specified an incorrect cluster passphrase when configuring this node thus preventing it from starting up successfully.


An incorrect cluster passphrase was specified when configuring this new gateway node.


Gateway 9.x

Gateway 10.x


Please obtain the correct cluster passphrase for the cluster you are trying to add this new gateway node to.  Once you get the correct cluster passphrase, you will want to use the following steps to update the passphrase used by the new gateway node.

1. Go to the ssgconfig menu 
2. Select Option 2 (Display Layer 7 Gateway configuration menu) 
3. Select Option 3 (Configure the Layer 7 Gateway) 
4. Select Option 3 (Cluster Configuration) 
5. Enter the correct cluster passphrase. Then enter the correct cluster passphrase a second time when prompted. 
6. Select "S" to Save and exit. 
7. Hit Enter to continue. Hit Enter to continue again. 
8. Restart the Gateway service. 


The new gateway node should now start successfully.


If you are not certain what the correct cluster passphrase is and have no way of obtaining it you can try the following work around to get the new gateway node up and running on the cluster:

Backup/rename the following current files on this new gateway:


Copy these same files over from one of the other gateway nodes in the cluster
where things start up fine over to this new node you are attempting to startup.

Change the value within the file to match the value
of what was in the original file which you backed up.

Then restart the gateway and see if it now starts up successfully.