What is the purpose of the CA Spool IPDS print driver?
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What is the purpose of the CA Spool IPDS print driver?


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The CA Spool documentation indicates that there is an IPDS print driver and provides examples of the DEFNODE and NODE statements, but it is not clear whether this means that CA Spool will only send data which is already in IPDS format or if CA Spool itself can transform AFP to IPDS.


Specifying TCPDRIV=IPDS for a destination allows for printing an IPDS file with attributes FCB=ASIS and PRMODE=PAGE to an IPDS printer by CA Spool.

IPDS stream is different from AFPDS stream.
An IPDS stream is pre-formatted data which can only be printed on printers with IPDS support..
An illustration of this is IBM PSF takes AFP data which is made of lines of text, x'5A' records, etc... for input and produces output which is an IPDSstream that is understandable by the printer providing that it has an IPDS card.

CA Spool does not transform AFP data to an IPDS stream.

Note that printing of AFP data can be done on IPDS printers through the CA Spool PSF/MVS interface or on PCL printers by using the CA Spool Transformers.

Please, refer to the CA Spool Documentation for the complete details about IPDS, IBM PSF and the Transformers:
CA Spool System Guide
CA Spool Customization Guide
CA Spool AFP Transformers Administration Guide
CA Spool Java Transformers Administration Guide


Release: CMASLI00200-11.6-Spool-Print Management-Interface for HP Laser


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