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Symantec's integration into Broadcom has presented operational and business opportunities that will enable us to sharpen our focus on delivering industry-leading security software for our customers. To help accelerate our cloud roadmap and strengthen integrations within our portfolio, we will consolidate our cloud environments into a single platform hosted in GCP.


Web Isolation Cloud Service


Where was Web Isolation Cloud Service hosted prior to this change?
Web Isolation Cloud Service has been hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS).

What are the benefits of operating from a common platform?
This change will allow us to accelerate the development of transformational cloud services while reducing latency of service-to-service communications (e.g.,Web Isolation to WSS) and providing greater scalability, and improved resilience.

How is Broadcom planning to achieve this?
Our cloud services that currently operate in Amazon Web Services (AWS) will be migrated to Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This transition will provide significant customer value and simplification of our operational environment.

What is the migration timeline?
We will begin to migrate customers on a weekly basis starting August 2020. This activity is expected to continue through July 2021. 

In simple terms, what does this migration mean?
Web Isolation cloud service will be co-located with WSS and other Symantec services, allowing for easier integration and better performance. 

What is the migration plan?
We will notify you by email at least seven (7) calendar days in advance of your migration window along with any changes needed to ensure connectivity with the new environment.

How do I avoid an outage when Symantec migrates?
We expect that this process will involve a downtime window of 15 minutes or fewer, during which DNS will be updated to point to the new environment.

If additional steps are needed, we will provide instructions in your pre-migration email.  If you encounter problems, please contact us at [email protected] for assistance. We will retain legacy environments for quick rollback if needed. 

What are the new IP address ranges for GCP?


GCP Region Name






Hong Kong


Tokyo, Japan


Seoul, South Korea


Mumbai, India


Jurong West, Singapore


Sydney, Australia



GCP Region Name






St. Ghislain, Belgium


London, England, UK


Frankfurt, Germany



GCP Region Name






Montréal, Québec, Canada


Osasco (São Paulo), Brazil

us-east4 (range #1)

Ashburn, Northern Virginia, USA

us-east4 (range #2)

Ashburn, Northern Virginia, USA


The Dalles, Oregon, USA


What are you doing to mitigate risk?
We are reducing risk from multiple angles:

  • Focus: All Web-Isolation teams are focused on the success of the migration and all other major projects have been put on hold to minimize distractions.
  • Expertise: We have retained Google as a consultant to ensure optimal planning, communication, and execution.
  • Consistency: We are lift-and-shifting the architecture with only minimal changes to reduce risk.
  • Slow roll pilot: Apart from extensive pre-migration testing, we will pilot the smallest, lowest risk sites first, and only after a record of successful small site migrations will we move on to larger sites.

What is your contingency plan?
Our plan allows us to roll back to the existing AWS environment at any point during the migration.

Will the SLA (Service Level Agreement) change?
No, our SLA will not change.

Will the user experience change? Will I have to retrain my users and IT support staff?
No, the application-level functionality is not changing. In fact, the vast majority of our platform and application code is moving over untouched. Some of the underlying components require adjustments for compatibility with GCP, but these do not impact the user experience.

Do I have to save or download my data for it to migrate?
No, all customer data will be securely migrated by Symantec.

Is encryption of data in transit and data at rest being changed?
Encryption in all phases will meet or exceed what is currently deployed.

What is the impact on service availability and RTO/RPO?
No change in the SLA or RTO/RPO.

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